Taranaki Moving Solutions

Our crate hire service makes moving throughout Taranaki quicker and easier.

How It Works


Crates Delivered

Choose your package and book your crates. They will be dropped off to your current property on your selected date.

Pack & Move

Enjoy the convenience of our sturdy crates by packing them up, labelling them, and easily shifting them using the moving dolly.


Crates Collected

After you have shifted and unpacked at your new property, the crates will be collected on your selected date.


What's Included

Why choose us

Hire our crates to eliminate the hassle of buying, taping up and disposing of flimsy cardboard boxes which easily fall apart. Our affordable packages make moving within Taranaki easy and convenient.

Sturdy Crates

Our strong and sturdy crates ensure your belongings are well protected during your move.

Less Hassle

No need to worry about purchasing and taping up flimsy cardboard boxes which easily fall apart.

Eco Friendly

Our reusable crates ensure there's less cardboard and other waste discarded after moving houses.

Easy To Book

Once you book online, our crates are delivered to your current home and picked up from your new one.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or prefer to book over the phone, get in touch with us using the details below.